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Why Do I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

by Jul 10, 2018Air Ducts0 comments

Clean air ducts help contribute to pollution-free indoor air and to heating and cooling system efficiency. The effects of such indoor pollutants range from exacerbated allergies to possible respiratory problems. The particles that cause this can be eliminated with duct and HVAC cleaning in homes and commercial facilities with air conditioning.

There are many sources of pollutants. However, some of the things found in contaminated ductwork do warrant a thorough residential or commercial air duct cleaning. Besides, the EPA says a properly executed cleaning job has no negative effects on the air handling system of a home.

Why Cleaning AC Ducts Is a Good Idea

If you think about how a heating and cooling system works, the idea of how AC ducts get dirty is simple. The return duct work draws in air from various rooms. Any pollutants that get in there can be easily drawn into the system. A filter is designed to remove particles before the air reaches an air handler or furnace. However, filters don’t remove all types of contaminants, and one that’s reached the end of its service life may not do much at all.

Dirty blowers, cooling coils, and heat exchangers can collect dirt as well. It’s also possible for dirt to reach the supply ducts and cycle particulates back into the indoor air. The types of contaminants that can build up in the ducts include:

Dust: In a typical home, air recirculates through the system five to seven times daily.3 The dust in the air and on any surface has many opportunities to get kicked up and pulled into the main return, supply main, and supply branches of the duct system; not to mention, crucial components such as blowers, air handlers, and heat exchangers.

Excessive dust can trigger indoor allergies as it accumulates inside the system. The added need on the AC system can cause it to work harder, increasing utility bills and shortening equipment life.

It may be relatively simple to vacuum registers or remove them for a more thorough cleaning, but dust-laden air can get virtually anywhere in the system. Special equipment is needed to see everywhere; a sure sign of contamination is if you see poofs of dust emanating from air supply vents—then it’s time to call in a professional.

Mold: Moisture is often present in an air conditioning system. Combined with abundant undisturbed surfaces, this creates ideal conditions for fungi such as mold. The many branches of the duct work remain hidden and are not easily seen. Even if a professional service provider sees something that looks like mold, laboratory analysis is needed to determine what the substance actually is. Wet, moldy insulated air ducts should be replaced to mitigate the conditions that promoted mold growth in the first place. Heating vent cleaning also has many benefits to help rid the mold.

Germs: Bacteria and viruses may exist inside your ducts, supported by moisture, warm temperatures, and substances that microorganisms feed on. They’re also drawn in from vents near ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces. Tiny germs can fester in the duct system and be fed through the supply vents, back into the home where occupants can unknowingly breathe them in.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), various factors affect how often HVAC systems and ducts should be cleaned. A homeowner may, for example, do an internet search for “duct cleaning near me” more often if they have pets, occupants of the house have allergies or asthma, or there are smokers at home.

Professional cleaning is also a good idea if there’s water damage anywhere or any renovation or remodeling projects have recently been completed.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

One of the main reasons is an air duct cleaning professional will also clean the system’s grilles, diffusers, cooling coils, heat exchangers, fan motors and housings, and condensate drain pans. Maintenance of these components is important because they, too, can become contaminated with dust and debris. It may increase their operating life, or a technician will find problems before they escalate. Early repairs can avoid more expensive replacements later.

Other benefits of having your ducts cleaned include:

  • The potential to find moisture and its sources, which can support mold and bacteria growth.
  • Cleaning of every system component to prevent any part from recontaminating the system.
  • Application of biocides to kill bacteria anywhere inside the ductwork or HVAC components.
  • Use of chemical sealants or encapsulants to coat interior surfaces, which can control mold growth and/or capture particulates before they exit the ducts.
  • Correction of water leaks or removal of standing water; for example, under cooling coils.
  • Prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning in systems connected to fuel-burning furnaces, fireplaces, or stoves.

Duct cleaning is an effective way to prevent contamination issues. There are other methods of prevention that you can do alone, or a professional can implement while cleaning AC ducts. They can change clogged filters, recommend high-efficiency ones, clean areas prone to contamination (i.e., cooling coils and drain pans), and maintain in-system humidifiers.

A high-efficiency vacuum cleaner and efficient filter bags are effective if you want to prevent duct contamination on your own, thereby limiting the amount of dust available to be drawn into the system.


Choose Cutting Edge Service for Air Duct Cleaning

Kiwi Services provides residential and commercial air duct cleaning services throughout Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas. The company’s trained and certified technicians know the proper air duct cleaning equipment and procedures to use.

If you’re looking up “air duct cleaning near me,” don’t just settle for a quick filter change. Put your trust in someone who can ensure your home will be dust-free, and that occupants won’t have any symptoms of exposure to allergens, mold, mildew, or organic materials.

In addition to 30 years of experience, the benefits of choosing Cutting Edge Services include a 2-year guaranteed antimicrobial treatment that prevents mold and mildew from returning to your HVAC system. Aside from freeing your home of dust and other particulates, our team can restore air quality if water or fire damage has affected your home. For more information on our residential and commercial air duct cleaning services, contact us today for a quote and to schedule an inspection and/or service.


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